The Pathfinder Note #2


Last weekend I locked myself in the studio and finished recording the piano tracks for The Pathfinder EP. I’ve been recording music ever since I was a teenager but there is still something special about making a record for release, trying to capture the definitive version of a musical idea. It brings a feeling of tension, exhilaration and sense of purpose that’s unique to making a record!

But in some ways the real challenge was trying to choose which tracks to record in the first place. If you’ve been following my Instagram you know Ive been posting regular #piano thoughts of the the day, in many ways that was the catalyst for the journey I’m on now. So for this EP I collected thirty of my favourite piano thoughts and had to narrow it down to six!!

It took me some time but I finally got it down to the six tracks that I felt best told the story that I’ve been exploring. In the previous email I touched on my desire to tell a personal story with my music after having written so many film scores. This framework gave me a real clarity of vision which helped not only choose the songs but also in how I approached recording them.

There’s still plenty of work to do - I had a great chat today with the artist who is designing the album cover and I can’t wait to share with you not only the end result but also his process in getting there. 

Tom RouchThe Pathfinder